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About the Whois lookup tool

Check the necessary information you need about any domain with this free Whois Lookup tool.

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With this tool, first, you will know quickly if a domain has been registered or not. That is if it belongs to anyone or not. If the domain has not been registered, as expected, no registrant information will be displayed.

Second, with the Whois lookup tool, you will know if a domain Whois is publicly available or not. Some domain names’ Whois records are hidden with a WhoisGuard because of privacy concerns of the registrants (owners) and also to protect the domain from the prying eyes of domain hijackers.

Last but not least, if the domain has been registered and its Whois has not been hidden with a Whois guard, the tool will display all the information about the domain in question. It will reveal the date it was first registered and also the date when it was renewed last if it is not registered in the current year. The tool will also show the names and contact details of the owner.

Who may use the Whois and why it is important?

The Whois database makes it very easy to identify the owner of a website. This might be beneficial if you need to contact the domain name owner, or if you’re a legal team looking to clarify ownership in the case of a trademark dispute.

Domain investors and sellers can also benefit from using Whois to quickly view site ownership data, which speeds up the domain acquisition process.

If you want to buy a domain but aren’t sure if it’s already registered, you can use the Whois search tool to check if it’s available or not.

How to I use the Whois Lookup Tool?

Using the Whois tool to find all the information about any domain is easy. All you need to do is to enter the domain into the search bar above and hit the Whois search button.

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